Basic Mechanical Engineering (BT-203)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Basic Mechanical Engineering (BT-203) RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula


Unit I :Materials
Classification of engineering material, Composition of Cast iron and Carbon steels, Iron Carbon diagram. Alloy steels their applications. Mechanical properties like strength, hardness, toughness , ductility, brittleness , malleability etc. of materials , Tensile test- Stress-strain diagram of ductile and brittle materials ,Hooks law and modulus of elasticity, Hardness and Impact testing of materials, BHN etc.

Unit II: Measurement:
Concept of measurements, errors in measurement, Temperature, Pressure, Velocity, Flow strain, Force and torque measurement, Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Dial gauge, Slip gauge, Sine-bar and Combination set. Production Engineering: Elementary theoretical aspects of production processes like casting, carpentry, welding etc Introduction to Lathe and Drilling machines and their various operations.

Unit III :Fluids :
Fluid properties pressure, density and viscosity etc. Types of fluids , Newton’s law of viscosity , Pascal’s law , Bernoulli’s equation for incompressible fluids, Only working principle of Hydraulic machines, pumps, turbines, Reciprocating pumps .

Unit IV: Thermodynamics :
Thermodynamic system, properties, state, process, Zeroth, First and second law of thermodynamics, thermodynamic processes at constant pressure, volume, enthalpy & entropy. Steam Engineering : Classification and working of boilers, mountings and accessories of boilers, Efficiency and performance analysis, natural and artificial draught, steam properties, use of steam tables.

Unit V: Reciprocating Machines:
Working principle of steam Engine, Carnot, Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles P-V & T-S diagrams and its efficiency, working of Two stroke & Four stroke Petrol & Diesel engines. Working principle of compressor.


Reference Books

1- Kothandaraman & Rudramoorthy, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery, New Age .
2- Nakra & Chaudhary , Instrumentation and Measurements, TMH.
3- Nag P.K, Engineering Thermodynamics , TMH .
4- Ganesan , Internal Combustion Engines, TMH .
5- Agrawal C M, Basic Mechanical Engineering ,Wiley Publication.
6- Achuthan M , , Engineering Thermodynamics ,PHI.

List of Suggestive Core Experiments

Theory related Eight to Ten experiments including core experiments as follows: 1- Study of Universal Testing machines.
2- Linear and Angular measurement using, Micrometer, Slip Gauges, Dial Gauge and Sine-bar.
3- Study of Lathe Machine.
4- Study of Drilling Machines.
5- Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem.
6- Study of various types of Boilers.
7- Study of different IC Engines.
8- Study of different types of Boilers Mountings and accessories.

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