Manufacturing Practices (BT-106)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Manufacturing Practices (BT-106) RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula

Course Objective

Manufacturing is fundamental to the development of any engineering product. The course on Engineering Workshop Practice is intended to expose engineering students to different types of manufacturing / fabrication processes, dealing with different materials such as metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, glass etc. While the actual practice of fabrication techniques is given more weightage, some lectures and video clips available on different methods of manufacturing are also included.

Course Contents

1. Manufacturing Methods- casting, forming, machining, joining, advanced manufacturing methods (3 lectures)
2. CNC machining, Additive manufacturing (1 lecture)
3. Fitting operations & power tools (1 lecture)
4. Electrical &Electronics (1 lecture)
5. Carpentry (1 lecture)
6. Plastic moulding, glass cutting (1 lecture)
7. Metal casting (1 lecture)
8. Welding (arc welding & gas welding), brazing (1 lecture)

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will demonstrate the ability to
• Understanding different manufacturing techniques and their relative advantages/ disadvantages with respect to different applications.
• Selection of a suitable technique for meeting a specific fabrication need.
• Acquire a minimum practical skill with respect to the different manufacturing methods and develop the confidence to design & fabricate small components for their project work and also to participate in various national and international technical competitions.
• Introduction to different manufacturing methods in different fields of engineering.
• Practical exposure to different fabrication techniques.
• Creation of simple components using different materials.
• Exposure to some of the advanced and latest manufacturing techniques being employed in the industry.

Workshop Practice

Machine shop
(10 hours)

Fitting shop:
(8 hours)

(6 hours)

Electrical & Electronics:
(8 hours)

Welding shop :
( 8 hours (Arc welding 4 hrs + gas welding 4 hrs)

Casting :
(8 hours)

Smithy :
(6 hours)

Plastic moulding & Glass Cutting:
(6 hours)


Laboratory Outcomes

• Upon completion of this laboratory course, students will be able to fabricate components with their own hands.
• They will also get practical knowledge of the dimensional accuracies and dimensional tolerances possible with different manufacturing processes.
• By assembling different components, they will be able to produce small devices of their interest.

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