Analysis Design of Algorithm (CS-402)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Analysis Design of Algorithm (CS-402) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula


Algorithms, Designing algorithms, analyzing algorithms, asymptotic notations, heap and heap sort. Introduction to divide and conquer technique, analysis, design and comparison of various algorithms based on this technique, example binary search, merge sort, quick sort, strassen’s matrix multiplication.

Study of Greedy strategy, examples of greedy method like optimal merge patterns, Huffman coding, minimum spanning trees, knapsack problem, job sequencing with deadlines, single source shortest path algorithm

Concept of dynamic programming, problems based on this approach such as 0/1 knapsack, multistage graph, reliability design, Floyd-Warshall algorithm

Backtracking concept and its examples like 8 queen’s problem, Hamiltonian cycle, Graph coloring problem etc. Introduction to branch & bound method, examples of branch and bound method like traveling salesman problem etc. Meaning of lower bound theory and its use in solving algebraic problem, introduction to parallel algorithms.

Binary search trees, height balanced trees, 2-3 trees, B-trees, basic search and traversal techniques for trees and graphs (In order, preorder, postorder, DFS, BFS), NP-completeness.


Books Recommended

1. Coremen Thomas, Leiserson CE, Rivest RL; Introduction to Algorithms; PHI.
2. Horowitz & Sahani; Analysis & Design of Algorithm
3. Dasgupta; algorithms; TMH
4. Ullmann; Analysis & Design of Algorithm;
5. Michael T Goodrich, Robarto Tamassia, Algorithm Design, Wiely India
6. Rajesh K Shukla: Analysis and Design of Algorithms: A Beginner's Approach; Wiley

List of Experiments

1. Write a program for Iterative and Recursive Binary Search.
2. Write a program for Merge Sort.
3. Write a program for Quick Sort.
4. Write a program for Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication.
5. Write a program for optimal merge patterns.
6. Write a program for Huffman coding.
7. Write a program for minimum spanning trees using Kruskal’s algorithm.
8. Write a program for minimum spanning trees using Prim’s algorithm.
9. Write a program for single sources shortest path algorithm.
10. Write a program for Floye-Warshal algorithm.
11. Write a program for traveling salesman problem.
12. Write a program for Hamiltonian cycle problem.

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