Construction Materials (CE-302)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Construction Materials (CE-302) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula


Stones, Brick, Mortar and Concrete: Stones :Occurrence, Classification of Rocks, varieties, Characteristics and their testing, uses, quarrying and dressing of stones, Deterioration of Stones, Retardation of Decay of Stones, Preservation of Stones, Artificial Stones. Brick : Manufacturing , characteristics, Classification and uses, Improved brick from inferior soils, Hand molding brick table, Clay-fly ash brick table Concrete : Ingredients, Grades of Concrete ,Concrete Production ,Special Concrete

Timber ,Glass , Steel and Aluminium : Timber: Important timbers, their engineering properties and uses, defects in timber, seasoning and treatment, need for wood substitutes, ,Plywood, Particle Board ,Fibre Board, Applications of wood and wood products , Plaster Boards, Adhesives, types of Gypsum Board and their uses Glass: What is glass , Nature of Glass, Structure of Glass, Macro Molecular Structure, Main Oxides in Glass, Thermal and Optical Properties ,Effect of Coating, Steel : Physical Properties of Structural Steel, Grades of Steel Aluminium : Properties ,Forms ,Uses, Advantages

Flooring , Roofing ,Plumbing and Sanitary Material: Flooring and Roofing tiles , Types of Flooring – Marble, Kota stone , wood etc. Type of Roofing , P.V.C. materials, CI , GI, Asbestos pipe , Stone ware pipes

Paints, Enamels and Varnishes: Composition of oil paint, characteristic of an ideal paint, preparation of paint, covering power of paints, Painting: Plastered surfaces, painting wood surfaces, painting metal Surfaces. Defects, Effect of weather, enamels, distemper, water wash and colour wash, Varnish, French Polish, Wax Polish

Miscellaneous ConstructionMaterials: Bitumen, Tar and Asphalt their characteristics and uses ,Ultra Poly Vinyl chloride Pipes, Thermal and sound insulating materials, and water proofing materials .


Books Recommended

1. Donald R Askeland, Pradeep P Fulay, Wendelin J Wright, The science and Engineering of Materials, Cengage Learning.
2. S K Duggal, Building Materials, New Age International.
3. P C Vaghese, Building Materials, PHI Learning.
4. S.C. Rangwala, Engineering Materials, Charotar.
5. M S Shetty, Concrete Technology, S. Chand Technical.
6. A M Neville, J J Brooks, Concrete Technology, Prentice Hall

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