Programming Practices (CS-406) [JAVA]

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Programming Practices (CS-406) [JAVA] B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula


To introduce and understand students to programming concepts and techniques using the Java language and programming environment, class, objects , also learn about lifetime, scope and the initialization mechanism of variables and improve the ability general problem solving abilities in programming. Be able to use the Java SDK environment to create, debug and run simple Java program. Basic Java Features - C++ Vs JAVA, JAVA virtual machine, Constant & Variables, Data Types, Class, Methods,Objects, Strings and Arrays, Type Casting, Operators, Precedence relations, Control Statements, Exception Handling, File and Streams, Visibility, Constructors, Operator and Methods Overloading, Static Members, Inheritance: Polymorphism, Abstract methods and Classes


Java Collective Frame Work - Data Structures: Introduction, Type-Wrapper Classes for Primitive Types, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Linked List, Stack, Queues, Trees, Generics: Introduction, Overloading Generic Methods, Generic Classes, Collections: Interface Collection and Class Collections, Lists, Array List and Iterator, Linked List, Vector. Collections Algorithms: Algorithm sorts, Algorithm shuffle, Algorithms reverse, fill, copy, max and min Algorithm binary Search, Algorithms add All, Stack Class of Package java. Util, Class Priority Queue and Interface Queue, Maps, Properties Class, Un- modifiable Collections.

Advance Java Features - Multithreading: Thread States, Priorities and Thread Scheduling, Life Cycle of a Thread, Thread Synchronization, Creating and Executing Threads, Multithreading with GUI,Monitors and Monitor Locks. Networking: Manipulating URLs, Reading a file on a Web Server, Socket programming, Security and the Network, RMI, Networking, Accessing Databases with JDBC: Relational Database, SQL, MySQL, Oracle

Advance Java Technologies - Servlets: Overview and Architecture, Setting Up the Apache Tomcat Server, Handling HTTP get Requests, Deploying a web Application, Multitier Applications, Using JDBC from a Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP): Overview, First JSP Example, Implicit Objects, Scripting, Standard Actions, Directives, Multimedia: Applets and Application: Loading, Displaying and Scaling Images, Animating a Series of Images, Loading and playing Audio clips

Advance Web/Internet Programming (Overview): J2ME, J2EE, EJB, XML.


Books Recommended

1. E. Balaguruswamy, “Programming In Java”; TMH Publications
2. The Complete Reference: Herbert Schildt, TMH
3. Deitel & Deitel, ”JAVA, How to Program”; PHI, Pearson.
4. Cay Horstmann, Big JAVA, Wiley India.
5. Merlin Hughes, et al; Java Network Programming , Manning Publications/Prentice Hall

List of Program

1. Installation of J2SDK
2. Write a program to show Scope of Variables
3. Write a program to show Concept of CLASS in JAVA
4. Write a program to show Type Casting in JAVA
5. Write a program to show How Exception Handling is in JAVA
6. Write a Program to show Inheritance
7. Write a program to show Polymorphism
8. Write a program to show Access Specifiers (Public, Private, Protected) in JAVA
9. Write a program to show use and Advantages of CONTRUCTOR
10. Write a program to show Interfacing between two classes
11. Write a program to Add a Class to a Package
12. Write a program to show Life Cycle of a Thread
13. Write a program to demonstrate AWT.
14. Write a program to Hide a Class
15. Write a Program to show Data Base Connectivity Using JAVA
16. Write a Program to show “HELLO JAVA ” in Explorer using Applet
17. Write a Program to show Connectivity using JDBC
18. Write a program to demonstrate multithreading using Java.
19. Write a program to demonstrate applet life cycle.
20. Write a program to demonstrate concept of servlet.

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