Surveying (CE-303)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Surveying (CE-303) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula


Surveying &Levelling : Basic Definitions of Surveying, Principles , Classification of surveying ,Methods of Linear Measurement Ranging , Accessories for linear measurement ,Chain Surveying , Compass Surveying , Plane Table Surveying ,Correction and Errors Definition of Levelling , types of levelling operations ,Principles , Problems , Computation of Area and Volumes

Theodolite Traversing: Types, Temporary Adjustment ,latitude & Departure ,plotting & Adjustment ,Omitted Measurements EDM , Trigonometric Levelling

Tacheometry: Tachometric systems and principles, stadia system, uses of analytic lens, tangential system, subtense system, instrument constant, field work reduction, direct-reading tacheometer , use of tacheometry for traversing and contouring

Curves: Classification and use; elements of circular curves, calculations, setting out curves by offsets and by theodolites, compound curves, reverse curves, transition curves, vertical curves, setting out.

Hydrographic Survey: Soundings, methods of observations, computations and plotting. Principles of photographic surveying: aerial photography, tilt and height distortions, Setting out works


Books Recommended

1. B.C Punmia , Surveying Vol-II & III ,Laxmi Publication.
2. S.K. Duggal, Surveying Vol. II McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.
3. Saikia MD, Das BM, Das MM, Surveying, McGraw hill
4. T.P. Kanetkar and S.V. Kulkarini Surveying and Leveling-Part-I & II , Pune VidyarthiGrihaPrakashan, Pune.
5. Gopi A, Satikumar R- Advance surveying, Pearson
6. Remote Sensing and image interpretation by Lillesand T.M. and Kiefer R.W.
7. R.Agor, Advance Surveying ,Khanna Publisher
8. Chandra AM, Higher Surveying, New Age International, new Delhi
9. Bhavikatti SS, Surveying and Levelling Vol. II, I.K International
10. Venkatramaiah, Surveying, University Press, Mumbai
11. BhattaBasudeb, , Remote Sensing and GIS, Oxford, New Delhi.
12. Subramanaian, Surveying &levelling, Oxford, New Delhi.
13. Joseph George Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

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