Advanced Control system (EC-503)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Advanced Control system (EC-503) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Advantages and disadvantages of digital control system, Ideal sampler, sampled and hold circuit, zero order hold circuit, Z transform, Inverse Z transform by various method, mapping between s plane and Z plane, solution of the linear difference equation.

Pulse transfer function, general procedure for obtaining pulse transfer function, pulse transfer function of cascaded elements, pulse transfer function of closed loop systems. Transfer function of discrete data system, stability analysis of closed loop system in the z plane, Jury stability test.

Non Linear Systems: introduction , common physical non linearity’s, phase plane method , basic concepts ,singular points, stability of non linear system , construction of phase trajectories, system analysis by phase plane method, Describing functions methods, basic concepts derivation of describing function, liapunov’s stability criterion.

Review of root locus, lead compensation, lag compensation, lag- lead compensation and their comparison, review of state space methods, observability and controllability of system , pole placement by state feedback.

Tuning rules of PID controller, modifications of PID controllers, Introduction to software package used in control systems- MATLAB SIMULINK


Books Recommended

1. Automatic control system—B. C.Kuo, wiley
2. Control system engineering—Nagrath & gopal, Publishers: New Age International
3. Modern control engineering –K. Ogata, Pearson; 5 edition
4. Control system engineering—Norman Nise, Publisher: Wiley
5. Discrete time Control system— K. Ogata, Pearson; 2 edition

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