Alternate Automotive Fuels & Emissions (ME-503)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Alternate Automotive Fuels & Emissions (ME-503) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction Automobile Fuels: Classification of Automobile alternative fuels(liquid, gaseous, hydrogen, LPG, CNG, Biogas etc.), Desirable characteristics of SI & CI engine alternative fuels, Rating of SI & CI engine fuels, Introduction to alternate energy sources. Like EV, hybrid, fuel cell and solar cars. merits and demerits of various alternate fuels.

Liquid alternative fuels: Vegetable Oils: Various vegetable oils for automobile engines, esterification, performance in engines, performance and emission characteristics, bio diesel and its characteristics. Alcohols: Properties as engine fuel, alcohols and gasoline blends, performance in automobile engine, methanol and gasoline blends.

Gaseous Fuels: Biogas: Introduction to Biogas system, Process during gas formation, Factors affecting biogas formation. Usage of Biogas in SI engine & CI engine., Properties of Natural gas, Hydrogen gas, LPG & CNG as engine fuels, storage and handling, performance and safety aspects to all gaseous fuel, fuel metering systems.

Automobile emissions: Types of automobile emissions, emission characteristics, formation of automobile emissions, mechanism of HC , CO and NO in SI engine, exhaust emission and factors affecting the emission, evaporative emission, crankcase emission, lead emission CI engine emissions: formation of smoke, factors affecting the smoke formation, unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, smog and comparison of diesel and petrol emissions

Emissions Norms & Measurement: Emission norms as per Bharat Standard up to BS – IV and procedures for confirmation on production. Demerits of automobile emission to environment. Types Of Catalytic Conversion, Measurement Techniques Emission Standards and Test Procedure NDIR,FID, Chemiluminescent analyzers, Gas Chromatograph, smoke meters, emission standards.


Books Recommended

References: 1. J.B. Heywood. Internal combustion Engines, Wiley
2. Ganeshan V; Internal Combustion engines; TMH
3. Mathur M L & Sharma RP; A. Course in IC engines; DhanpatRai
4. R Yadav, Internal Combustion Engines
5 Halderman JD and Mitchell CD; Automotive Engines theory and servicing; Pearson
6. DomKundwar; Internal Combustion Engines; Dhanpat Rai Publications
7. Taylor GF; Internal Combustion Engines Theory & Practice; MIT Press
8. Richard Stone; Introduction to IC Engines; Society of Automotive Engr (Palgrave Mc Millan)

List of Experiment

1. Study of alternative fuel for automobile.
2. Study of esterification of alternative fuels.
3. Study of blending different types of bio-diesel.
4. Measurement of smoke from automobile.
5. Study of different types of emissions.
6. Study of various techniques for NOx reduction.

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