Computer System Organisation (EC-504)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Computer System Organisation (EC-504) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


COMPUTER BASICS AND CPU Von Newman model, various subsystems, CPU, Memory, I/O, System Bus, CPU and Memory registers, Program Counter, Accumulator, Instruction register, Micro operations, Register Transfer Language, Instruction Fetch, decode and execution, data movement and manipulation, Instruction formats and addressing modes of basic computer.

CONTROL UNIT ORGANIZATION Hardwired control unit, Micro and nano programmed control unit, Control Memory, Address Sequencing, Micro Instruction formats, Micro program sequencer, Microprogramming,
ARITHMETIC AND LOGIC UNIT Arithmetic Processor, Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Floating point and decimal arithmetic and arithmetic units, design of arithmetic unit.

INPUT OUTPUT ORGANIZATION Modes of data transfer – program controlled, interrupt driven and direct memory access, Interrupt structures, I/O Interface, Asynchronous data transfer, I/O processor. Data transfer – Serial / parallel, synchronous/asynchronous, simplex/half duplex and full duplex.

MEMORY ORGANIZATION Memory Maps, Memory Hierarchy, Cache Memory -Organization and mappings. Associative memory, Virtual memory, Memory Management Hardware

MULTIPROCESSORS Pipeline and Vector processing, Instruction and arithmetic pipelines, Vector and array processors, Interconnection structure and inter-processor communication.


Books Recommended

1. Morris Mano: Computer System Architecture, Pearson Education.
2. William Stallings: Computer Organization and Architecture, PHI
3. Carl Hamacher: Computer Organization, TMH
4. Tanenbaum: Structured Computer Organization, Pearson Education

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