Cyber Security (CS-503)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

Cyber Security (CS-503) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction of Cyber Crime, Challenges of cyber crime, Classifications of Cybercrimes: EMail Spoofing, Spamming, Internet Time Theft, Salami attack/Salami Technique,

Web jacking, Online Frauds, Software Piracy, Computer Network Intrusions, Password Sniffing, Identity Theft, cyber terrorism, Virtual Crime, Perception of cyber criminals: hackers, insurgents and extremist group etc. Web servers were hacking, session hijacking.

Cyber Crime and Criminal justice: Concept of Cyber Crime and the IT Act, 2000, Hacking, Teenage Web Vandals, Cyber Fraud and Cheating, Defamation, Harassment and E-mail Abuse, Other IT Act Offences, Monetary Penalties, jurisdiction and Cyber Crimes, Nature of Criminality, Strategies to tackle Cyber Crime and Trends.

The Indian Evidence Act of 1872 v. Information Technology Act, 2000: Status of Electronic Records as Evidence, Proof and Management of Electronic Records; Relevancy, Admissibility and Probative Value of E-Evidence, Proving Digital Signatures, Proof of Electronic Agreements, Proving Electronic Messages

Tools and Methods in Cybercrime: Proxy Servers and Anonymizers, Password Cracking, Key loggers and Spyware, virus and worms, Trojan Horses, Backdoors, DoS and DDoS Attacks , Buffer and Overflow, Attack on Wireless Networks, Phishing : Method of Phishing, Phishing Techniques.


Books Recommended

1. Principles of Cyber crime, Jonathan Clough Cambridge University Press
2. John R. Vacca, Computer Forensics:Computer Crime Scene Investigation, 2nd Edition, Charles River Media, 2005
3. Cyber Law Simplified, VivekSood, Pub: TMH.
4. Cyber Security by Nina Godbole, SunitBelapure Pub: Wiley-India
5. Information Warfare: Corporate attack and defense in digital world, William Hutchinson, Mathew Warren, Elsevier.
6. Cyber Laws and IT Protection, Harish Chander, Pub:PHI.

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