I C Engines (ME-501)

notes For RGPV Bhopal AICTE Students

I C Engines (ME-501) B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction of IC Engine: Internal Combustion Engine: S.I. and C.I. engines of two and four stroke cycles, real cycle analysis of SI and CI engines, determination of engine dimensions, speed, fuel consumption, output, mean effective pressure, efficiency, factors effecting volumetric efficiency, heat balance, performance characteristics of SI and CI engines, cylinder arrangement, firing order, power balance for multi-cylinder engines .

Combustion in SI engines: Flame development and propagation, Pressure-Crank Angle diagram, Stages of Combustion ignition lag, effect of air density, temperature, engine speed, turbulence and ignition timings, physical and chemical aspects, abnormal Combustion, effect of engine and fuel variables on abnormal combustion, pre-ignition, its causes and remedy, salient features of various type combustion chambers.

Combustion in CI Engines: Various stages of combustion in CI Engines, delay period, diesel knock, knock inhibitors, salient features of various types of combustion chambers.Fuel injection in CI engine, Working Principle of fuel pump & fuel injectors, types of nozzles. Fuel injection in SI engine (MPFI, TBI,CRDI ), Theory of carburetion, Solex Carburetor, simple problems on carburetion. Fuel metering in CI engines

Fuel: Classification of ICEngine fuels, Desirable characteristics of SI & CI engine fuels, Rating of SI & CI engine fuels, Alternative fuels for SI and CI engine (liquid, gaseous, hydrogen, LPG, CNG, Biogas etc.), Air requirement, Analysis of combustion products, HHV and LHV of fuels.

Supercharging & Turbo charging: Methods of supercharging, & turbo charging Effects of super charging and turbo charging. Engine Modifications for supercharging, supercharging of two stroke engines. microprocessor controlled supercharging. Cooling & lubrication of SI & CI Engines.


Books Recommended

1. J.B. Heywood. Internal combustion Engines, Wiley
2. Ganeshan V; Internal Combustion engines; TMH
3. Mathur M L & Sharma RP; A. Course in IC engines; Dhanpat Rai
4. R Yadav, Internal Combustion Engines
5 Halderman JD and Mitchell CD; Automotive Engines theory and servicing; Pearson
6. DomKundwar; Internal Combustion Engines;Dhanpat Rai Publications
7. Taylor GF; Internal Combustion Engines Theory & Practice; MIT Press
8. Richard Stone; Introduction to IC Engines; Society of Automotive Engr (Palgrave Mc Millan)

List of Experiments

1. Determination of Valve timing diagram
2. Load test on Petrol Engine
3. Heat Balance of SI engine
4. Heat Balance of CI Engine
5. Study of Battery Ignition system and Electronic Ignition System
6. Study of Diesel fuel pump
7. Study of Diesel fuel injectors
8. Study of Carburetors
9. Study of Fuel Injection system in SI Engine
10. Study of lubricating system in CI Engine

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